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Are vintage cars your passion?
Come and see us at Carrozzeria Racing, where we can take care of your Mg and Austin Healey classic car restoration in Milan.
We are a harmonious team which is particularly skilled in the maintenance and in the restoration of vintage and historic cars. We have been working for more than 30 years in this field, and we can be proud of our great experience, even with illustrious brands like Porsche, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, and many more.
The manual skill and the professionalism that we are employing in every work allows us to give back to you your precious car, which has been turned into that amazing object it was before time damaged it in a way that seems permanent.
Our staff’s known kindness and its passion for cars allows us to get nearer and nearer to our customer and his needs, which could be difficult to understand for someone who doesn’t share with him the passion for historic vehicles.

For any Mg and Austin Healey classic car restoration in Milan, don’t wait any longer and trust Carrozzeria Racing’s professionalism: we can take care of your jewel until it is brought back again to its original splendour, by putting into practice the professionalism which was collected in more than 30 years of experience on the field, in our repair shop and in others, particularly skilled into the restoration and the maintenance of historic vehicles, some of which are the most important in the whole history of cars.

On our website you can find our contacts in order to receive all the information you need on our works and on any Mg and Austin Healey classic car restoration in Milan, or you can come directly in our repair shop, where you can also see the environment where we carry out our delicate job.