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All of those who have the passion for historic cars, and those who collect them know how difficult it is to find a repair shop that can manage an ultralight body classic car restoration.
Luckily, in Milan area, for more than 30 years, all of those who are passionate about antique vehicles have been able to give trust to Carrozzeria Racing’s professionalism and proficiency, where a team, which is made up of the best vintage cars specialists, constantly works for giving the best service to its customers, which are passionate and lovers of historic and sports cars.

By coming to our garage in Pregnana Milanese you can discover how our specialists’ expert hands can make the magic of giving back to a historic, vintage, and faded piece of art its magnificent authenticity, bringing back its antique beauty and its charm.
Our exclusive service of any ultralight body classic car restoration is the natural outcome of many years of experience in this field, which not only represents our job, but also our great passion, which pushes us to outdo ourselves and our very proficiencies, getting better every day for giving our customers a service of which they will surely be happy and satisfied.
As a matter of fact, our customers are so happy of the service we offer them that they are regularly coming back to our shop, for the usual and the extra maintenance of their vehicle, because they recognise the loving hands of those who not only are cars experts, but are also passionate for engine.

Get in touch with us if you want to receive all the information you need about our service of ultralight body classic car restoration: you will receive a detailed quote for each and every need you have.

For more information about the Ultralight Body Classic Car Restoration in Milan and the other services offered by the historic body shop Milan Racing, send us an email at martin.racing@libero.it or telephone at +39 02, Cell.: 348 25.18.170.